Livonia, Michigan

2018 Friday Lenten Fish Dinner Wrap-Up

Our 2018 Friday Lenten Fish Dinners were another success! What a wonderful example of Teamwork with support from our Pastor and the entire Parish community. Our end result is a profit of over $6,000 that will be shared by the five different parish organizations that volunteered their time, talent and treasures to our Friday Lenten Fish Dinners. Our Faith Formation, Men’s Club, St. Vincent de Paul, Women’s Sodality and Youth Ministry will share in the profit from the six Friday Lenten Fish Dinners.

There are several individuals that I must mention as those that went above and beyond in their assistance this year. Their efforts contributed to almost 60% of the net profit from the Friday Lenten Fish Dinners. First off, we congratulate Judi Fanco and the Women’s Sodality for the wonderful job they did each week on the desserts. It looked to me like 95% or better of these desserts were homemade instead of being store bought. Thank you so much! Next we would like to congratulate the trio of Men’s Club members that handled the 50-50 each week: Jim Borys, Darrell Welling, and Doug Williams. Looking over records from the past five years, these gentlemen sold more 50-50 tickets than we have ever sold. I’m sure that the twelve 50-50 raffle winners would agree.

Finally, notes of special thanks to two special people. Al Cartier for his tireless efforts in keep the Lenten Fish Dinners going. Al was at the Activities Center on Thursday night and all day Friday, helping with anything and everything that needed to be done. In his spare time he tends to our inventory of Sterno used to keep our chafing dishes warm each week. Colleen Biddinger, who keeps our books straight, makes sure that our bills are all paid on time and that we have enough cash on hand each Friday to open the doors. The Lenten Friday Fish Dinners couldn’t be done without you. Thanks to each of you and the 70 plus volunteers that helped out each week. Check out pictures of our Lenten Fish Dinners in our gallery.

For your information, our next Friday Lenten Fish Dinners will begin on Friday, March 8, 2019, at 4:30 pm in the Activities Center. Hope to see you there!

Dave Bushey