Livonia, Michigan

Parish Public Mass Procedures

Our church has 152 spaces for seating individuals/households based on Archdiocese guidelines (first come / first served availability). Ushers will seat your household similar to boarding an airplane. The church will be seated to fill the open pews from front to back. Every other pew will be open for seating and marked by yellow tape. You may be sharing a pew with another household, but a social distance of 6 feet is required between households. The center sections will be seated first. Please bring your own hand sanitizer that can be used before receiving Holy Communion.
In the event that we exceed the 152-space limit in the church at the 5 pm Mass only, we will be seating the overflow in the Activities Center where the Mass will be live streamed. The Eucharist will be brought across the parking lot and distributed in the same way as in church.
Please keep your facemask on for the duration of Mass. There is to be no contact between households at the Sign of Peace and no hand holding during the Lord’s Prayer. Baskets will not be passed during Offertory. You will be able to place your weekly gift in a basket in the baptismal area, but we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our Online Giving.
The Precious Blood will not be offered to the congregation. Use of personal hand sanitizer before Communion is strongly encouraged. Please remain in your pew. Eucharistic Ministers will bring Jesus to you in your pew. If you are wearing gloves, remove them and place them in your pocket. When the EM reaches your pew, please stand and extend your hands out in front of you. Please keep your mask on until the EM has moved to the next space, remove your mask and receive the Body of Christ. Place your mask back on and either kneel or be seated.
The last two pews of the center aisle on the Gospel side of the church are used by those wishing to receive on the tongue, although we ask you to reconsider this in light of the health risk it presents.
After the Final Blessing, parishioners must remain in their pew. Parishioners will be dismissed in an orderly fashion starting in the rear of the church then moving forward. You must exit your pew when prompted.
Private prayer is not available after Sunday Masses to allow the church to be reset and disinfected for the next Mass. You will exit through the main doors of the church. Please do not congregate outside but head directly to your vehicle to allow the next Mass to start on time.

Church Procedues