Livonia, Michigan

From Fr. Tom!

Hopefully, you had a blessed week.

I love the Gospel reading that the Church gives us for this 16th Sunday of ordinary time. The parable of the buried treasure, and the pearl of great price. Jesus relates that the farmer and the merchant risked everything by selling their properties in order to acquire the land and the pearl.

What are the values you treasure most? Is it money, pleasure, fame, or comfort? However, what God reminds us in today’s parable is that we should never overlook our greatest treasure – friendship with God. Is God your best friend? Are you willing to sacrifice everything for that friendship?

The parable says, which is very interesting: the farmer who discovered the treasure went away with joy and sold everything he had in order to buy the land.

The Lord is telling us that our giving up, our service should be characterized by the spirit of joy. It should animate a follower of Christ even if it entails giving up for free his treasure, time, or talent.

There are three kinds of givers – a duty giver, a grudge or reluctant giver, and a cheerful giver. Which giver are you? Is your quest for God’s kingdom characterized by a joyful spirit?

If you never thought before about your own relationship with God in the perspective of a joyful friendship, maybe now is the time to start???

Have a blessed and peaceful week.

Fr. Tom