Livonia, Michigan

From Fr. Tom!

Hopefully, you had a blessed week

A story is told about a tourist in the Holy Land who wanted to have his picture taken on top of a camel. “It’s free,” said the camel owner, and up the tourist went with glee. But when the tourist wanted to get down, the camel owner said, “That will be $2.” “But you said it’s free!” the tourist remonstrated. “Yes, riding on the camel is free, but getting down from the camel, that’s $2 you have to pay,” said the camel owner. Now, that’s what I’d call talent of the first degree!

In today’s Gospel Jesus talks about the parable of the talents, with the admonition that we be faithful and responsible in handling the talents that God has given us. We all have received a lot of different gifts and talents, but we all have received at least one of the same talents—that talent is the gift of faith. Our responsibility as men and women of faith is not just to preserve and “keep” the faith. We need to trade with it. We need to “sell” it to the men and women of our times. We need to promote and add value to faith. We need to unleash that gift even during this difficult time that we have been living these days. This is a venture that brings with it much risk and inconvenience. But, unless we do this, we stand in danger of losing the faith just as the third servant lost his talent. The way to preserve the faith, or any other talent that God has given us, is to put it to work and make it bear fruit. How are you going to put your faith to work this upcoming week???

With prayers for you and your family.

Fr. Tom