Livonia, Michigan

Book Discussion


Join us on September 23rd at 7pm in the Activities Center as we discuss Part 2 of the book “Mother Teresa’s Prescription” by Dr. Paul Wright. Even if you were not able to make part 1, we strongly encourage you to join us for part 2.

“In this inspiring story of transformation, successful cardiologist Paul Wright shares the story of his dramatic shift in values and lifestyle, after seeking guidance from Mother Teresa, the person he considered the expert on living the Christian life. Mother Teresa told Wright that Jesus calls us all to lives of service, and here he shares Mother’s message and her prescription for finding inner peace and happiness. Following the prescription means embracing both a life of service and the 10 spiritual attitudes that accompany such a life: compassion and love, contentment and gratitude, honesty, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, humility, community, faith, and reverence for human life.”