Livonia, Michigan

Manny Miruzzi
Manny Miruzzi recognized for his yeas of service

One of St. Genevieve-St. Maurice’s own received some well-deserved recognition at the St. Vincent DePaul annual awards banquet held at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit on May 19.
Emmanuel Miruzzi affectingly know as Manny has been a cornerstone of SVdP for over three decades. 36 years to be exact.  Manny was recognized for his lifetime of service in aiding the poorest of the poor.
The saying, “Good works is giving to the poor and the helpless, but divine works is showing them their worth to the One who matters” best characterizes Manny. He is someone who fully understands that just like everyone, the needy have hopes, dreams and a desire for a better future.  In each encounter with the needy Manny validated their inherent self-worth and the importance of their dream of a better tomorrow.

Meetings are held at 6:30pm the first Monday of the month in the Activities Center.

All are welcome!

Are you a naturally caring, compassionate and giving person?

Were you blessed with parents and other role models in life from whom you learned that the joy of living is giving?

If you answered YES to either of the above questions look for an Invitation to Serve from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in future bulletins.

The Conference of St. Vincent de Paul Is seeking volunteers to pick up bread from a local restaurant on Friday afternoons and then deliver it to St. Christine’s Soup Kitchen and Pantry before 9:00 am on Saturday mornings. This is done in teams of two. In total, it will take about two hours of your time. You will receive training before going out on your own. Our hope is to assemble up to four teams. If you are interested or seek further information please leave your name and number with the Parish Office at 734.427.5220. You will be contacted by a member of the SVdP team.

Thanking you ahead of time for making a difference.

St. Genevieve – St. Maurice Food Pantry

Food donations can be made at the Rectory Monday – Friday 10:00 am — 3:00 pm.

Current donations we are in need of:

Toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, laundry soap and fabric softener, toilet bowl cleaner, furniture polish (Endust, Pledge etc.), bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner, Chunky soups, apple sauce, cake mix, jello / pudding, instant potatoes, peanut butter and pasta

Please be aware, we are unable  to accept any  items that are expired.
Thank you for supporting  this ministry throughout the year.
Please place food pantry items in the Gathering Area


The normal types of donations needed are:

Body / Bar soap
Dishwashing soap
Garbage bags
Hand soap
Laundry soap
Paper towels
Shampoo / conditioner
Toothpaste / tooth brushes
Toilet Paper

For information, please contact the Parish office