Livonia, Michigan

Saint Genevieve – Feast Day

Genevieve was born near Paris in 422. She was 7 years old when St. Germain traveled through her village, preaching against heresy. People gathered around him in the town square to listen to him speak, and he singled out Genevieve and foretold her destiny as a saint. She asked him to dedicate her as a virgin and spent the rest of her life dedicated to God alone.

In 451 Attila the Hun invaded Gaul, and the people of Paris were afraid he would sack the city. The people of the city prepared to evacuate, but Genevieve persuaded them to avoid the disaster with prayer and fasting. The invaders suddenly changed course away from Paris to the south. St. Genevieve remains the patron saint of Paris to this day, which explains her presence in a stained-glass window in the Basilica. The Holy Cross priests and brothers who came with Father Sorin to establish Notre Dame were French missionaries and grew up devoted to Genevieve.

Genevieve’s life was marked by constant prayer and devotion, as well as works of charity. One of the symbols of this saint is a loaf of bread because she was so generous to those in need. She died in 512.

St. Genevieve, your generosity served many and your faith saved the city of Paris – pray for us!