Livonia, Michigan

Called and Gifted Workshop

Called and gifted Workshop

For St. Genevieve-St. Maurice Parish

Discover God’s call for your life
Called & Gifted Workshop

presented by the Catherine of Siena Institute

God is calling you to a unique purpose in life, a work of love that only you can do. Discern your charisms (spiritual gifts) and begin to discern God’s call. You have received gifts in Baptism and Confirmation through which God intends His love to reach others. Come and discover these charisms in you!

Workshop Schedule

  • The Call of the Laity
  • Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory Explained
  • Role of the Holy Spirit
  • Charisms
  • Discernment Process
  • Role of Charisms in Parish, Community and World

What you will learn from the initial workshop

  • The ancient teachings of the Church on how the charisms of the Holy Spirit work in your life and in the life of your parish community
  • The five steps of discerning the charisms that God has given you
  • The signs and characteristics of 24 of the most common charisms of the Holy Spirit
  • How discerning your charisms can change your life
  • How discerning your charisms can change the world and help spread the Gospel
  • How discerning and using our charisms together can help transform and renew our parishes

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