Livonia, Michigan

Spiritual Adoption Program

Dear Parishioners:

St Genevieve-St. Maurice is partaking in a Spiritual Adoption program for those who are suffering from addictions – alcohol, dug, pornography, gambling, etc.  These habits cause great disruptions in families.

Hello, I am Cindy Wishart.  I taught religious education to the second graders at St. Genevieve for many years and our family was an original member of St. Maurice. My husband and I were married there.  Currently, I am enrolled in classes at Encounter Ministries in Brighton, MI. where we are being formed in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and evangelization.

We are to complete a project and submit a report.  I felt God drawing me to minister to people suffering from alcohol, drug and pornography addictions.  I tried to arrange healing prayer sessions at Guest House, a treatment center for priests and religious from around the world, and Brighton Hospital.  Because of COVID 19 restriction, it was not possible.  I approached AA and AL-Anon only to find out most meetings are held on line for the same reason.  All agreed that they would accept cards, letters, etc.

After much prayer, I was led to develop a Spiritual Adoption form for those suffering from some form of addiction.  A copy is also enclosed.  I am asking you to search your heart and commit to praying for one of these souls daily.  It can be as simple as a Hail Mary, or more if the Holy Spirit leads you to deeper prayer. You will not know the identity of the person you are praying for but you may take consolation in knowing that you will be helping that soul on their journey to freedom in Christ Jesus.

Besides praying daily, the only thing you have to do is to sign the Spiritual Adoption form.  To protect your identity, please only sign your first name.  You can return the form to church or mail it directly to me at:

Cindy Wishart   37753 Bristol St.  Livonia, MI. 48154-1258

Thank you for bringing the love and mercy of Jesus Christ to his needy souls.  May God bless you abundantly.



Beloved Child of God, Imagine you are the child in the arms of Jesus. Let his love and healing flow through you, Giving you peace of heart, mind and soul.

You have been spiritually adopted by:


­God knows your name, even though I do not, I hold you in my heart. You will be remembered in my daily prayers and sacrifices.