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Hello Faith Formation families,

How is your Lent going? Are your children filling in their Lenten calendars? Given the many challenges facing today’s families, now is the perfect time and home is the perfect place to experience Lent. After all, home is where we rush and rest, where we hope and worry, where we love and forgive. It is home where we most often experience day-to-day salvation. Lenten experiences can take place in nearly every room of the house.

Here are some ideas to try to enrich your celebration of Lent at home:

Family Kindness and Sharing

On slips of paper, write random acts of kindness, such as give a compliment, say hi to an old friend, carry someone’s heavy load. Present each family member with a slip of paper as he or she leaves in the morning. Invite each family member to perform the kindness without seeking recognition. Afterward, talk together about what happened. Pray with one another that your kindnesses will be passed on throughout Lent and beyond.

Giving to Charities

Ask each family member to find three to five high-quality, useful items that would be appreciated by those who are less fortunate. Donate the items to a favorite charity. Pray together for those who will receive them. Gospel Weeklies Lessons Grades K-6…

Sunday, February 28th – 2nd Sunday of Lent Mark 9:2-10

Grades 2, 7and 8 – in class Wednesday, February 24th 5:30 pm – 7 pm

Wednesday, March 3rd – Faith Formation Packet Pick-up in School Lobby 5:30 pm – 7 pm

Partners in Faith,

Phyllis Chudzinski