Livonia, Michigan

Sodality News

Just want to give you a heads up that there will be a Parish Picnic on Sunday September12th.This year the Men’s Club is putting together a car show at this event. The Sodality has been asked to participate in this event. We will do our usual game with a car theme. Father has asked that each organization have a table with someone there to talk about their group. We will be needing volunteers to help with the game and volunteers to sit at the Sodality table. In case you are looking for another way to help, we could use a few things donated. I think it would be nice to have car related prizes for kids and adults. We also can use some snacks such as fruit snacks, rice krispie treats, granola bars, juice boxes etc. Call Judi if you have any questions. If you have something to donate, let her know and leave it in the Sodality drawer in the back of the Church. No meeting in September. We will start back at the activities center Monday, October 4th.
Remember to say an extra prayer for your fellow Sodality members.
See you at the picnic.