Livonia, Michigan

Faith Formation News

Faith Formation classes begin Wednesday September 22, 2021 at 5:30pm in the Activities Center. We look forward to seeing previous and new families!

Are your children or grandchildren getting ready to start another academic year? Following are prayers from scripture that can help anyone…parent, teachers, aunts and uncles can be a part of your children’s prayer life. You do make a difference!

Back to school prayers for your children:
(Continued from last week)

4. For feet that run away from evil and towards righteousness (II Timothy 2:22)

Teach (child’s name) that running is good, Lord. Help him develop early the habit of running from youthful lusts. Give him the spiritual eyes to spot ungodly desires in his own heart early… and quicken His heart to run away from those things that would stimulate it. Allow (child’s name) to run after righteousness, faithfulness, love for You and others, and peace. And Lord, please help (child’s name) make godly choices when it comes to friends. Send him godly friends who call on Your name and whose hearts are pure. Like Daniel had godly friends in his life, so allow (child’s name) to have godly friends in his.

5. For a godly impact and influence (Philippians 1:1415)

Lord, this is certainly an evil and perverse world that our children are growing up in. We need the next generation to rise up and proclaim Your excellencies, shine Your light, proclaim Your truth, and stand for righteousness. I pray that (child’s name) will be a bright light in a dark world. One of the chief ways that is done is by refraining from grumbling, complaining, and arguing. I pray I would be an example to him/her in this and pray (child’s name) will not have an argumentative spirit but a humble one, a teachable one. I pray for (child’s name) and their siblings to be kind and tenderhearted towards one another. Jesus, help the atmosphere of our home be one of love, joy, and peace… full of Christ! Let us shine like diamonds in the darkness.(Adapted from Arabah Joy).