Livonia, Michigan

Hopefully your week was filled with Gods grace and His presence.

Can you imagine what a shock it was for the disciples arguing about which of them was the greatest when Jesus placed a child before them? In Palestine at the time of Jesus, children were last. Children had no status until they matured. But Jesus, goes even deeper saying: “if you want to be first, you must be last of all and servant of all”.

The disciples and Jesus had two different ideas of service and how to achieve greatness. In today’s Gospel passage, they had not yet learned what true greatness was and were arguing about it among themselves. They did in time learn what true greatness is and they followed Jesus in their deaths, being martyred. Peter was crucified upside down on an Xshaped cross in Rome. Andrew was crucified on an Xshaped cross in Greece and is said to have preached to his crucifixioners for two hours until he died. Bartholomew, also known as Nathanael, was killed by continuous whipping in Asia. Thomas was stabbed with a spear in India. James was put to death by the sword in Jerusalem. By their martyrdoms they won many souls for Christ. How they later matured from that day in today’s Gospel when they were arguing on the road. They truly recognized what the word GREATNESS means in the eyes of God! What’s the lesson for us?

The more we drift away from God the less we recognize what is truly great and comes first and the more the we resemble the pathetic attitude of the disciples arguing on the road. The Church, our Mother, in its ministry reminds us what is truly great and comes first. She reminds us that power, drink, sex and money are not the ultimate goals of life, that the ultimate goal of life is to know, love, and serve God. We take our image and model and ideal of what is truly great from Jesus and his Good News. We do not want to be contaminated by the world, but want to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world and to show the world what comes first. For this let us pray!

Catechetical Sunday

This weekend we recognize and bless all of these men and women who voluntarily decided to serve our community of faith as catechists and religion teachers. At 11 am Mass we will pray for them all, giving them a special blessing as they began this journey of spreading the good news to our children. Please support and pray for them. May their service be effective according to the will of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Faith Formation kick off

September 22nd is the beginning of the Faith Formation classes. Please, pray for all of these children and youth, their parents, catechists, and FF coordinators. May they all work together to know God better and to serve Him and those in need.

Successful Parish Picnic

It was a beautiful event. I am grateful and filled with joy after my first Parish Picnic with you all. The weather was great. The turnout was very satisfying. The involvement of the people was wonderful. Let me express our gratitude to all of the parish groups: Men’s Club, Women’s Sodality, Saint Vincent de Paul, Faith Formation, Young Adults, Choir Members, Parish Staff, and many volunteers including Chris Edmonds and Chris Tebow, the DJ (let’s call them CC, both of them did a fabulous job). It was truly a family celebration. I am blessed being a part of such a loving and open parish community. Let’s continue our journey of faith supporting and carrying each other.


You are all invited to St. Michael’s devotion this Tuesday, Mass at 7 pm and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. We all need St. Michael’s protection to stay strong in our faith! St. Michael pray for us.

Have a blessed week.

Fr. Tom