Livonia, Michigan

From Fr. Tom

Hopefully your week was filled with God’s grace and His presence.

I must to tell you a story and it’s a true story. When I was a teenager, 16 maybe 17 years old, I had a lot of difficulties communicating with my father. We didn’t fight, it was nothing so dramatic, but … we couldn’t find the same language, we couldn’t understand each other’s way of thinking. I loved him so much and I know that he loved me, but I thought that I knew better, and that my decisions would be the best. I wanted to be totally independent. I know now that I was wrong. One day I realized that I missed an opportunity to enjoy his presence, enjoy his advice and his wisdom of life, enjoy time with him and his love. When did I realize that? When he died! I was 23 years old! It was too late! I missed an opportunity.

Jesus taught and preached only for 3 years. What would be the chance that this young man, a character from today’s Gospel passage, would meet Jesus face to face? Jesus was constantly surrounded by people. What was the chance that this young man would be able to have a private conversation with him? Jesus personally picked only 12 men; what was the chance that this young man would receive a personal invitation to follow Jesus? Very slight.

Yet, here was the moment, the golden opportunity, the gold mine and perhaps because he didn’t have all the facts, he didn’t see the whole picture. He was afraid to trust, so he hesitated and lost his chance. It would never come again.

Yes, he probably saved his soul, but what might he have become if he had seized that chance? Another Paul, another Peter, another Barnabas? He missed God’s plan for his life.

So, what is God’s plan for my life, his idea for my life? What is Jesus’ call for me personally? What does Jesus want me to do with my life at this moment? In other words: what must I do to inherit eternal life?

Look at Jesus! He gives you directions. He talks about observing the commandments, being generous to the poor, and following Him. Very easy, very simple, only three directions! In this story about the rich young man, Mark has given us a summary of the Christian way of life. Keep your eyes wide open, keep your eyes always on Jesus, and do not miss an opportunity to be his faithful disciple.

I pray that your week be blessed.

Fr. Tom