Livonia, Michigan

St. Genevieve Feast

As a parish dedicated to St. Genevieve we should remember that her feast day is on January 3rd. Isn’t it beautiful to begin a new year with offering our parish, our families and ourselves to her powerful protection. Let me remind you who St. Genevieve was. She was the Patron Saint of Paris. She was born around 422 AD in France, Europe, and died around 500 AD. She was a courageous peasant girl who was consecrated to God as a Virgin at a young age. She dedicated her life to prayer, devotion to God and acts of penance. She performed acts of charity, prayed for the sick and prophesied. Genevieve was appointed by the Bishop to look after the welfare of the consecrated virgins. She did so faithfully and helped to lead them into a greater degree of holiness as they grew closer to the Lord Jesus.
The city of Paris experienced proof of Genevieve’s intercession on many occasions. The most famous occurrence was the miracle of Des Ardens, or the burning fever. In 1129, a violent fever swept through the city, and doctors couldn’t stop the people from dying. The shrine of Genevieve was carried in a procession to the cathedral, and during the ceremony, those who touched her shrine were healed by the power of the Lord. Throughout the whole town, no one else became sick, all the ill recovered and only three people died. In our church her statue with the relic is located in front of the baptismal fount.
Pray for Us, St. Genevieve!