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Faith Formation News

I want to thank our second-grade catechist, Mrs. Barbara Janeczko and one of our First Communicants, Eliana Grisius, along with our eighth-grade catechist, Mrs. Karen Bonanno and Confirmandi, Natalie Morton for participating in the washing of the feet and bringing down the sacred oils at Holy Thursday Mass.

Easter celebrates Jesus’ Resurrection from the dead. This is the core of our Christian faith. Those who witnessed Jesus’ Death shared the Good News that God raised the crucified Jesus to new life. God calls us in Baptism. He gives the power of the Holy Spirit, so we can witness to the Resurrection of Christ. We are witnesses when we share and live our faith.

“The Resurrection of Jesus is the crowning truth of our faith in Christ” (CCC, 638). “To be a witness to Christ is to be a ‘witness to His Resurrection” (CCC, 995, citing Acts 1:22).

Parents, the Easter lesson gives your child a place in the group of witnesses of Jesus’ Resurrection to new life. Ask your child how he or she and you will be a witness this week.

Partners in Faith,

Phyllis Chudzinski

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