Livonia, Michigan

Noteworthy News from Fr. Tom

This Sunday we are reminded by the liturgy of the word to share our blessings with others. The parable of the rich fool gives us a warning as well as an invitation. It reminds us that our possessions are merely lent to us by God, and that we are accountable for their use. We must be generous in sharing our time, our treasure, and our talents in Christian stewardship. Even if we are poor financially, we may be blessed with intelligence, good will, a sense of humor, or the ability to console, encourage, inspire, support, and help others. God expects us to give our thanks to Him for all these blessings by sharing them with others for His glory.

I found this quote from Fr. Tony Kayala very interesting….

“Today we have higher buildings and wider highways,
but shorter tempers and narrower points of view.
We have bigger houses, but smaller families.
We spend more but enjoy less;
we have more medicines but less health;
we have much more food, but less nutrition.
We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values.
We have finer houses, but more broken homes.
We reached the Moon and came back,
but we find it troublesome to cross our own street and meet our neighbors.
We have increased our possessions, but we have reduced our values;
Many have higher incomes, but lower morals.
We have more quantity, but we are short on quality,
We have learned to make a living, but not how to live.
We have added years to life, but not life to years.
Many have more leisure, but less good fun.
We can travel long distances, but have trouble crossing the streets!
We spend our younger days losing health to get wealth,
and we spend our older days losing wealth to gain health!
We live as if we will never die, and die as if we had never lived.
It’s not who has the most, that’s important, but who needs the least.
– But if you have GOD in your life, food on your table, a roof over your
head, clothes on your back, reasonable income and, love and faith in your
heart… Be happy and glad. For anything else that life can offer is nothing more than La-La.”

Hopefully you have been enjoying July 2022 because tomorrow we begin August! Can you believe it? Are you surprised, because I am! Time really flies… do not waste it!

Between August 3rd and 10th I will be in Connecticut with my family celebrating the wedding of my cousin’s daughter Ania. Last year I was there for her sister’s Dorota’s wedding and this year they decided to change the seats: The last year Bride will become The Maid of Honor and the last year Maid of Honor will become The Bride. “Life is like a box of chocolate…” 😉

I will be praying for our parish and all of you I’m while away. I am asking also for your prayers for Ania and Tomek (The Groom) for God’s blessing on their new life’s journey for them and myself for the safe trip. We already have priests for every Mass while I will be away so please come and celebrate Jesus’ sacramental presence at St. Genevieve – St. Maurice (First Friday with adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and First Saturday with the rosary after Mass.) See you on the first weekend of August!

With Christ’s Peace. Fr. Tom