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Hello Families!

In today’s Gospel, Jesus talks about the correlation between faithfulness and responsibilities. Family life provides many opportunities to illustrate this connection for children. As children prove themselves trustworthy, they can be trusted to take on greater responsibilities. Jesus teaches us in this parable that when we show ourselves to be trustworthy in small matters, we can be trusted to participate in greater matters of responsibility. As you gather as a family, take some time to recall how each child in the family has matured and can now be trusted with greater responsibilities.

As a family, choose one thing to do this week to serve others. Conclude in prayer together, asking God’s help so that your family may serve others more faithfully. Pray together the Prayer to the Holy Spirit.

Liturgy Link – Each week, many people use their talents to serve at Mass. How many people (besides the priest and deacon) served as liturgical ministers at the Mass you attended this week?

Family Prayer – Family Talent Gratitude Prayer

Starting with the youngest member, each member of the family lists the talents they see in that person. After all their talents have been named, the father (or mother) leads a prayer thanking God for this member and the gifts he or she brings to the family.

Partners in Faith,
Phyllis Chudzinski

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