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Faith Formation News

Hello Families,
The tradition of giving gifts at Christmas is thought by some to be rooted in the gift giving of the Magi. In many cultures, gifts are not exchanged at Christmas, but rather on the feast of the Epiphany. Whenever you exchange your Christmas gifts, take some time to reflect on this tradition of gift giving at Christmas. Think of the best gift you have received. What was it? What made it special? Was it the gift itself, the thought that went into it, or the person who gave it to you?

Read today’s Gospel, Matthew 2:1-12. The gifts of the Magi-gold, frankincense, and myrrh-have come to be understood as symbols of Christ’s royalty, divinity, and eventual suffering and death. They are special because in giving them, the Magi acknowledge who Jesus was to be: our Savior. We pray that we will acknowledge Jesus as Savior in all that we do and say. Conclude by singing together “We Three Kings.”

Take Time to Chat – The Magi worshipped Jesus by laying prostrate on the ground. What gesture do we use to show reverence to Jesus during the consecration of the bread and wine?

Family Challenge – The Magi practiced prudence when they avoided Herod and returned to their country by another route. The virtue of prudence helps us decide what is right. Practice the virtue of prudence this week. When faced with a difficult situation, pray about it, and let God help you decide the right thing to do.

Partners in Faith,
Phyllis Chudzinski

Class resumes on Wednesday, January 17th.
Please continue to pray for the students in our Faith Formation program, and especially for the First Communion and Confirmation classes.