Livonia, Michigan

Volunteers Needed!

The help of each parishioner and parish organization member is needed to make this event a success. Please take a moment to choose a date and time to lend a helping hand – your efforts are appreciated. Are you available to volunteer as a regular? Many volunteers arrange their Lenten Friday schedules volunteer each week at the same time. You are cordially invited to join this group of fun and active participants!

Volunteer information:

  • All family members, friends and neighbors are welcome to help.
  • Members of parish organizations can contact their organization to schedule Fish Fry volunteer time.
  • Families and individual parishioners can call or email their schedule using the below contact information or return your schedule to any parish office.
  • Students needing community service hours are welcome and everyone can bring a friend!
  • Anyone can contact me directly to schedule.

Thank you for your generosity in serving our parish and community!