Livonia, Michigan

Faith Formation News

Dear Parents,
We had our Lenten Family Formation evening last Wednesday. K-6th grade had a prayer service and “buried” the Alleluia to say goodbye to it for the next 40 days of Lent. 7th & 8th grades had a Lenten retreat called “Under His Wings” teaching about God’s protection of us all. Thank you to everyone who attended and all who helped make it a success!

The season of Lent presents families with an opportunity to examine our family life and to re-commit ourselves to the Christian practices of almsgiving, prayer, and fasting. Each of us is invited to do these things as individuals, but we can also do one or more actions as a family. Ash Wednesday is a good time for families to pray together and to plan the family’s Lenten practices.

Gather as a family and read the Gospel, Matthew 6:1-6,16-18 from Ash Wednesday. Remind yourselves that Jesus expected that His disciples would give alms, pray, and fast and that He gave instructions that when we do those things, they should not be done for show. Determine one way that your family will give alms during Lent to share what you have with people in need. Decide upon one way that your family will pray together during Lent and choose one thing that your family will give up during Lent as a reminder of your love for God. Agree to encourage one another in whatever Lenten promises each has made individually. Pray together that God will bless your family’s Lenten promises by praying together Psalm 51, and/or praying the Lord’s Prayer.
Partners in Faith,
Phyllis Chudzinski

Wed. 2/21/24 – Class
Wed. 2/28/24 – Class
Please continue to pray for the students of our Faith Formation program, and especially for our Sacramental classes.