Livonia, Michigan

Coming back to Mass, A Message of Encouragement

As a staff member and parishioner of St. Genevieve-St. Maurice, I wanted to share with you why I felt safe returning to Mass.  I was hesitant to come back, until I saw all the measures we are taking to ensure each person is safe.  Everyone has their own comfort levels and we respect and acknowledge that each person comes from a different health condition.

Why I feel safe:

  • The Church, the bathrooms and door handles are electro-statically sanitized after every Mass or any other celebration. At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak our parish purchased special equipment to keep our facilities clean. 
  • We are blessed with a large Church, which allows for ample room to spread out.
  • Everyone wears a mask.
  • There are hand sanitizers throughout the Church and when you first walk into the gathering area.
  • Parishioners are spaced out to every other pew to keep social distancing. Holy Communion is brought to you, you will stay in your pew to receive Our Lord. 
  • During this time, we are not using the hymnals. The bulletins now have the readings printed in it, please take one to follow along. 
  • There is no congregating inside of the Church or gathering area. If you choose to chat with your fellow parishioners, that can be done outside of the Church.

 If you are wanting to ease into coming back to Church, we encourage you to join us for a daily Mass, where there are fewer people.  You remain in our prayers & we look forward to seeing you back when you are ready!     -Katie