Livonia, Michigan

From Fr. Tom!


I’d like to begin with the story: A stranger once asked a teacher, “What’s your profession?” The teacher replied, “Christian,” The stranger continued, “No, that’s not what I mean. What’s your job?” The teacher asserted, once again, “I’m a Christian!” Puzzled, the stranger clarified, “Perhaps I should ask, what you do for a living?” The teacher replied, “Well, I’ve a full-time job as a Christian. But, to support my sick husband and children, I teach in a school.”

The main theme of today’s Scripture readings is Divine vocation – that everyone is called by God to be a witness for Christ by doing something for others with his or her life, using his or her unique gifts and blessings. Hence, today’s readings remind us of our personal and corporate call to become witnesses for Jesus, the Lamb of God, by leading lives of holiness and purity.

Our Christian vocation is to live and die like the Lamb of God. How do we do that? We live like the Lamb of God:

  1. by leading pure, innocent, humble, selfless lives, obeying Christ’s commandment of love;
  2. by appreciating the loving providence and protecting care of the Good Shepherd for his Church;
  3. by partaking of the Body and Blood of the Good Shepherd in the Holy Eucharist and deriving spiritual strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the Sacraments.

But we are also called to die like the Lamb of God:

  1. by sharing sacrificially our blessings of health, wealth, and talents with others in the family, parish, and community;
  2. by bearing witness to Christ in our illness, pain, and suffering through our graceful acceptance of all of it;
  3. by offering our sufferings for God’s glory, as penance for our sins, and for the conversion of sinners.

Our call is to bear witness to the Lamb of God. We cannot do that without our personal experience of Jesus as our Lord and Savior. How can we get that experience? We get this personal experience of Jesus in our daily lives through the meditative reading and study of the Bible, through personal and family prayers, and through our active participation in the Eucharistic celebration. Once we have experienced the personal presence of Jesus in our daily lives, we will start sharing with others the Good News of love, peace, justice, tolerance, mercy, and forgiveness preached and lived by Jesus. The world needs Jesus today, the world is hungry for Jesus. Do you live and die like the Lamb of God!? Do you imitate Jesus? What’s your profession?

Fr. Tom