Livonia, Michigan

Sodality News

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s celebration or at least as good as it could be with COVID-19 still hanging around. My family had an outdoor Christmas and I must say it turned out very nice. We had fire pits and outdoor propane heaters to keep us warm. Of course it was very different all the way down to the menu of hot chili, chicken soup, apple compote & hot cider in crock pots. Most Christmases over the years all blend into each other but all agreed this Christmas will always stand out as a great one in our memories.

We are all set for February 1st Sodality Meeting. Our guest speaker will be John W. (a parish member) who will share his gifts of sign language with our group. Looking forward to learning a bit of sign language in order to communicate better with our fellow parishioners! (Hopefully we can learn “Peace be with you!” “And also with you!” among other things). Won’t it be nice to offer this in sign language at Mass? We will also have an activity that involves “Holy Hacks” — some New Year’s Resolutions that we can all participate in. Please arrive at 6:45 pm. The speaker will begin at 7 pm with our meeting to follow.

Remember to say an extra prayer for your fellow Sodality members. See you at the meeting.