Livonia, Michigan

Notes from Pat

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy … the song goes. For this reason, I have given the choir a break for the summer- a well-deserved break at that! Some of them will continue to come and sing when they can, without having our weekly rehearsals. They are a very dedicated group that I really appreciate working with. Many of them give of their time and energy at several masses each week, especially at the beginning of the month when we come together and pray on the First Friday and First Saturday Masses and devotions.

When we sing together at Mass we are also joined by the heavenly choir of Angels who always give praise and glory to God. When we listen to certain hymns (we all have our favorites) our hearts and minds are often raised to a feeling of closeness to our God. That’s because we are embracing that special desire all of us are born with…. the need to be fully one with God in communion with each other. We do that in Choir…every week!

So, please think about joining us when we start up again in September. My favorite expression is “there’s strength in numbers”, you don’t have to have a wonderful solo voice when we all sing together. So think about it, pray about it, talk about it too. Come and join our choir which is made up of people just like you. God bless you! Have a wonderful, relaxing summer.

See you in church!