Livonia, Michigan

What’s New in The Family

Our Lady of Loretto

  • Stations of the Cross
    Tuesdays at 6:30pm
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation
    Saturdays at 2:45pm

St. Valentine Parish

  • Evening Prayer
    Sundays during Lent in school chapel

    Reflection, song, scripture readings
  • Stations of the Cross
    Fridays during Lent at 7pm
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation
    Thursdays at 6pm
  • Passion Play
    presented by the 8th graders on Monday, April 3rd at 7 p.m. and on Good Friday following the Stations

St. Genevieve – St. Maurice

  • Rosary
    Every Wednesday at 7pm
  • Adoration
    Fridays during Lent from 10am7pm
  • Lent Formation Program Fearless
    Wed. mornings or Thurs. evenings from Mar. 1stMar. 30th
  • Stations of the Cross
    Fridays during Lent at 7:15pm
  • Lenten Fish Fry
    Fridays in Lent (except Good Friday)
  • Tenebrae Service
    Palm Sunday at 7pm

St. John XXIII Parish

  • Stations of the Cross
    Fridays at noon & 5pm
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation
    Saturdays during Lent at 2pm
  • Adoration
    Tuesdays from 10am7pm in church
    Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri. from 9:15am8pm in the chapel, contact parish office for code